Oct 18, 20201 min read

This project is about showing a job list, where the jobs are fetched from all kinds of different sources over the internet. It shows only a list of remote jobs of the last 30 days. The page is updated every day. When you click on a job, it should directly link you to a page where you can apply to the job.

The missing features so far are right now:


-Email Subscription

-Better styling

-Adding the oppurtunity adding jobs via a form

-Adding payment option for a job listing to stay e.g. in the top 10 for 30 days to get more attention and clicks

Tech Stack of is currently:

-Next.js (React framework to easily create this page itself)

-Heroku (Add some vanilla Javascript and running some cronjobs to fetch all the jobs, also deploying the frontend to production)

-Sequelize (to easily save data in the database)

-Tailwind CSS (to rapidly build the UI)

Link to project:

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